Vocational Evaluation and Expert Witness Consultant

An assessment of an individual’s employability and earning capacity in a given labor market. A vocational evaluation becomes necessary in a variety of types of cases including:

  • Personal Injury: When an injury or medical procedure results in physical, cognitive, or psychological impairment, how does it impact a person’s capacity for work and earning a wage? A vocational evaluation will delineate how a person’s functional limitation affects their earning capacity and ability to work.
  • Employment Law: When an individual makes a claim for wrongful termination or discrimination there are often questions about whether or not there was a reasonable effort made to mitigate damages and secure comparable employment. Or, in the case of a claim related to the American’s with Disabilities Act, was the interactive process engaged in? Were reasonable accommodations provided? A vocational evaluation will provide a succinct analysis of these issues and provide the necessary answers.

Family Law: A vocational evaluation can be useful when there is a significant discrepancy in earnings between a divorcing couple. This is particularly true when one of the parties has left the workplace either by choice as in the case of a homemaker or stay-at-home dad, or because of circumstances beyond a person’s control, like being laid off. A vocational evaluation can not only help determine earning capacity but also provides clarification about career options and retraining issues.

Life Care Planning

Provides a comprehensive document that outlines future medical treatment, services, equipment, and support for catastrophically injured individuals as well as the costs and research related to each included item.

Expert Witness Testimony

Provided as needed in both district and federal court